Work with us typically begins with an introduction and assessment session where we will assess your needs, goals, and condition and develop a treatment strategy.
OUR services work together or independently to address your needs

Depending on your goals and presenting condition, work can proceed in different directions. We offer a diverse array of treatment modalities that we have selected for their unique applicability and specificity. We work with various (often inter-related) aspects of the whole human being – structural alignment, movement patterns, the fascial web, nervous system balance, emotional awareness, energy flow, and the imprints of physical, emotional, and developmental trauma. Sometimes work begins in one area of focus and then leads into another. Often clients will benefit from working in any or all of these potent somatic therapies and learn far more about their body-mind than they initially anticipate.

The styles of bodywork we offer are incredibly useful for people looking to get out of pain or chronic dysfunction or to release emotional/energetic holding patterns in the body. Beyond alleviating pain, however, these styles of bodywork can also help to optimize and expand one’s experience of living in a body. Even after their pain is gone, many clients continue to receive bodywork. They find it improves their energy levels, adding grace and relaxation to their movement, depth, calmness to their breath, expanded range in their emotional lives and relationships, and adds a supercharge to their creative and spiritual pursuits. We believe bodywork can open up many doors in each client’s body-mind and tremendously facilitate living, being, and embodying our fullest and most authentic selves.

ALL Services
Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a neurobiological approach for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress. It is a talk and touch-based approach that aims at noticing and tracking body sensations and the rhythms of nervous system activation.

TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE® is a simple technique that uses exercises to release stress or tension from the body that accumulate from every day circumstances of life, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences (i.e., natural disasters, high stress, social or domestic violence).

Somatics & Yoga Therapy

Somatics is a therapeutic system of movement that addresses patterns of contraction, stress, and tension that have become normalized within the nervous system. Using slow and subtle movement, we directly re-educate the pattern by reorganizing the way your nervous system controls and senses muscles and movement. Yoga Therapy is a professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalized assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, and yoga practices for individuals and small groups.

Safe & Sound Protocol®

The Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP, is a non-invasive application of Polyvagal Theory involving listening to specially filtered music. Based on decades of research and developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP stimulates the middle ear muscles in a unique way that helps re-regulate the Social Engagement nervous system via a complex of cranial nerves that help regulate our state of autonomic arousal. The SSP has proven results with emotional regulation, behavioral organization, and hearing sensitivity and listening.

Zero Balancing®

Zero Balancing focuses primarily on key joints of our skeleton that conduct and balance forces of gravity, posture and movement.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration (often called Rolfing) aims to balance and align the body’s structure within the field of gravity.

Myofascial Release

The hallmark of Myofascial Release is using the applied pressure or stretching over time (3-5 minutes or longer) to get maximal release in the fascial connective tissue.


We meet you where you are.

First, we'll discover where there is vitality and where there is restriction. By working together with care and curiosity, we'll begin to wake up the body and nervous system from the inside out. We provide depth and sensitivity as required — always feeling into and guiding our clients toward a more fully embodied, vital, living self.