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Tim Schimick's Intuitive Bodywork sessions are rooted in Esalen style therapeutic massage and Structural Integration with an emphasis on relieving pain and discomfort and restoring balance. Each session is tailored to the individual, combining experience and intuition while incorporating various modalities to help relieve stress and other chronic patterns that hinder the body’s ability to heal itself. This work benefits all ages and vocations; from professional athletes to office workers, students to seniors.

Esther Martin's therapeutic massage incorporates classic Swedish massage with triggerpoint therapy, deep tissue work, and relaxation techniques. Esther's study of Visceral Manipulation also informs her touch for therapeutic massage.


Tim Schimick
Madison - Structural Integration, MFR

60 min – $115   |   90 min – $165

Gratuities are not accepted at Red Beard Somatic Therapy.

Esther Martin
Madison - Visceral Manipulation, Massage

60 minutes - $100 | 90 minutes - $145

Gratuities are not accepted at Red Beard Somatic Therapy.

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