Meet Your Mentors


Sam Curtis

Sam Curtis is a TRE® provider and mentor, SSP provider, snowboard instructor and sound engineer originally from the UK. Grounded in neuroscience and physiology, he teaches TRE® to individuals and groups, online or in person. Sam and his wife Kelley have a wellness clinic and an online practice in Portland, Oregon.


Eunju Choi

For Eunju Choi, TRE has been a life-changing experience. While a simple exercise, it has led her to see and experience life from the perspective of the body being a living organism innately designed to self-protect, self-heal, adapt, and grow.  By releasing unnecessary tensions, our lives are enriched by the natural re-activation of feeling and connecting with oneself and each other. 
Eunju began her work with TRE® in 2015, and in 2017 introduced TRE to South Korea by founding TRE Korea and translating and publishing in Korea Dr. David Berceli’s book Trauma Releasing Exercises.  Her mission is to lead the effort of spreading TRE in South Korea through workshops, private sessions, and organizing certification trainings. 

The new perspective provided by the TRE experience is the root of every interaction in Eunju’s private sessions and trainings.  She is passionate about TRE and has the unique ability to see how TRE can transform lives. Eunju has extensive training in TRE under esteemed teachers and continues to pursue a deeper understanding of this profound yet simple method.  

Before TRE, Eunju studied law in an undergraduate program and later become a professional photographer. 

These seemingly unrelated fields have combined to cultivate her patience and presence. The experience in TRE has opened doors for a deep journey within where she believes true peace and the authentic self resides. 
Eunju is a trusted TRE Provider and a peaceful, unflappable human who deeply cares about others. When not in the homes she shares with her husband, Tim, near Atlanta, Georgia, or South Korea, she is an experienced and bold world traveler who enjoys visiting places she has not been before. She also enjoys a good cup of latte, walks in the woods, and chats with friends. 

Eunju hopes that all of our lives can be healthier, freer, and truly connected through practicing TRE.