Pay As You Go

Each payment includes module tuition along with the associated supervision sessions. Please Note: Additional supervision may be required for some trainees.
+5 Supervised Personal Sessions
+4 Supervised Individual Leading Sessions
+4 Supervised Group Leading Sessions and 1 Final Evaluation
TOTAL $3750

Independent Study

In addition to attending all three modules and completing all supervision sessions, you are required to complete the following independent study assignments.

One Book Review
TRE Journaling (40 sessions)
Group Tremor session (4)
Practice Teaching (2)
Peer Swaps (4)
Video Downloads (2)

"I signed up for the TRE training to add a somatic component to my therapy practice as I had been learning a lot about the role of working with the body in healing from traumatic experiences.  TRE training with Alex and Ellen has not only added to my confidence in helping clients to regulate their nervous system, but I have been able to incorporate TRE practice into my own self-care routine as well.  The supervision component of the training has been invaluable in learning and gaining confidence in how to adapt TRE teaching to each client's individual needs and personality.  I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to learn about and incorporate the body's natural healing mechanisms into their personal and professional life."