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Red Beard Somatic Therapy is a group practice serving clients online around the world and in-person in Boulder, Colorado and Madison, Wisconsin. We offer a full suite of multi-modal somatic therapies including: trauma recovery, hands-on bodywork, somatic coaching, movement therapy and nervous system regulation.

Vision Statement: Creating a space where people anywhere in the world can access somatic tools to find healing, growth, and transformation through working with the mind, body, and nervous system. 
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Currently Hiring for Somatic Psychotherapists, Breathworkers, and other Online Somatic Practitioners

We are looking for an experienced somatic practitioners to join one of our local teams (Madison, WI or Boulder, CO) or online team.

Some of the training/modalities we are hiring for:
      Somatic Experiencing
      Internal Family Systems Model

If you are a somatic psychotherapist or practitioner aligned with core values, we would love to have you join our team!

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to

Our Core Values

Safety. We believe that finding safety at the nervous system level is foundational to all healing and growth.  We are committed to supporting safety with all of our clients.

Embodiment. We believe that the deepest change is embodied change, meaning that our growth, values, and purpose are experienced and communicated at the body level.

Regulation. We believe that all systems in the body and mind rely on the principle of dynamic regulation.  When we improve regulation of any system, we see positive, lasting change.

Awareness. We believe that awareness creates choice and empowerment.  With all of our modalities, our aim is to build self-awareness to allow for sustainable growth.

Connection. We believe that connection to self, other, and the world around us is foundational to human thriving, and that safe, therapeutic connection can support connection in all areas of life.

Self-Leadership. Borrowing from Richard Schwartz’ Internal Family Systems Model, we believe all humans are in possession of a Core Self - a source of innate wisdom and creativity within them.  Our goal is to model and support Self-Leadership, meaning that Self leads the way in our healing, growth, and actions.

Non-pathologizing.  We believe that we are treating human beings not pathologies.  We believe all human beings have innate healing mechanisms in their minds, bodies, and nervous systems that can serve for growth and enhanced well-being.

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