Ellen McKenzie

Introduced to yoga as teenager, I began a casual love affair with asana. It was in my early 20’s that I dedicated myself more seriously to my practice. As I continued to study and exposed myself to senior and master teachers, my practice and my sense of self began to shift. I remember very clearly beginning a class and recognizing that my practice was provoking a competitive intensity reminiscent of my years competitively swimming. That visceral experience allowed me to see that I was feeding the fire that provoked imbalance within me and subsequently inspired a years long journey towards yoga as therapy and Zen meditation.

Today I view yoga and meditation as a path to health and healing in the body, mind and spirit. It is a path I live and passionately share with clients and students. My work is informed by Hanna Somatics, Zen, TRE®, yoga and ayurveda. My intention is to bring students more fully into their practice and support an internal environment ripe for sustainable transformation.

E – 500 Registered Yoga Teacher
200 Hour Certification – Prairie Yoga
300 Hour Certification – Theresa Murphy Yoga
1000 Hour Yoga Therapist – International Soma Yoga Institute
TRE® Provider
TRE® Trainer Trainee

Primary Teachers:
Tias Little
Gabriel Halpern
Theresa Murphy
Ann Maxwell & Molly McManus

services offered

Somatics & Yoga Therapy

Somatics is a therapeutic system of movement that addresses patterns of contraction, stress, and tension that have become normalized within the nervous system. Using slow and subtle movement, we directly re-educate the pattern by reorganizing the way your nervous system controls and senses muscles and movement. Yoga Therapy is a professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalized assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, and yoga practices for individuals and small groups.

TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE® is a simple technique that uses exercises to release stress or tension from the body that accumulate from every day circumstances of life, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences (i.e., natural disasters, high stress, social or domestic violence).

Safe & Sound Protocol®

The Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP, is a non-invasive application of Polyvagal Theory involving listening to specially filtered music. Based on decades of research and developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP stimulates the middle ear muscles in a unique way that helps re-regulate the Social Engagement nervous system via a complex of cranial nerves that help regulate our state of autonomic arousal. The SSP has proven results with emotional regulation, behavioral organization, and hearing sensitivity and listening.



services offered

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