Safe & Sound Protocol

The Safe & Sound Protocol stimulates the middle ear muscles and has proven results with emotional, and behavioral regulation, hearing sensitivity and listening

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Nourish nervous system safely and remotely.

The complete SSP program comprises 3 main pathways that are facilitated digitally.

Each of the SSP pathways is composed of different filtered, unfiltered and calming 5-hour music playlists for either children or adults.

The SSP pathways are designed to help the nervous system to better receive, process and respond to the cues and signals from the world around us. This helps us learn how to more easily and consistently feel better regulated in the face of life’s challenges.

What you hear, and how you hear it, influences how the body responds.

Listening is connected with the vagus nerve, the body’s internal control center for processing and responding to cues and signals from the world around us.  The SSP uses specially-filtered music to train the neural network associated with listening to focus on the frequency range of the human voice.

We look, speak and listen with the same system. When the voice changes, the body responds. As we learn to focus on the sound frequencies of human speech through the SSP program, the vagus nerve becomes stimulated and the state of feeling more safe and calm becomes accessible.

Specially treated music playlists are part of the SSP program and all help ‘prime’ the nervous system by exposing it to different sound frequencies. Listening to these playlists through over the ear headphones helps the nervous system to more readily achieve balance, or “homeostasis.”

SSP is designed to provide an expanded understanding of the pathways in our nervous system. It increases receptivity and processing to improve response to the cues around you. The more receptive you are to these cues the more you can physically, emotionally, and cognitively regulate.

There are 3 main pathways that are accessible through a qualified professional. Each of the SSP pathways is made up of various filtered, unfiltered, and calming 5-hour music playlists. The main pathways include SSP Connect, SSP Core, and SSP balance. 

SSP connect is all about attaining a sense of safety. The child or adult will listen to calming, soothing, and grounding music. This process will help the listener to become more attuned and adjusted to the experience of listening to music through headphones.

SSP is created to increase awareness and alertness in the nervous system. This phase helps to open the nervous system a bit in order to increase resilience and reduce sensitivities.

SSP balance is all about the integration and long-term benefits of SSP core. This stage brings the listener back to a state of grounding and calmness. The listener is supposed to feel an increased sense of stability and safety.

The science behind SSP says that when a person is in real or perceived danger they enter into the vagus nerve (fight, flight, freeze, fawn response). In this state of dysregulation survival is the main task. This is useful when someone is in danger. However, many people get “stuck” in this state, which leads to feelings of anxiety, disconnection, and dissociation. 

SSP works to strengthen the muscles in the middle ear that can become weakened when experiencing high levels of stress. Listening to filtered music helps the client’s auditory pathways to become bolstered. The sound vibrations activate the auditory neural network This allows the nervous system to receive the message to exit out of the vagus nerve and increase the ability to hear the inflection in the human voice, build social connection, relax, and calm down. 

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