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Jacob Strong

Jacob is a Somatic Coach and Men’s Work Facilitator who supports those he works with to move gracefully, heal the wounds of the past, and live a life of meaning.

In response to a crisis of identity, Jacob left behind his life as an engineer in Sydney, Australia in order to better understand himself, his purpose, and his place within the world. His journey has taken him both across the world and deep within himself, his way guided through the innate wisdom of his body. This required Jacob to take a leap of faith - letting go of his rational view of the world in order to allow his felt sense to direct him.

Whilst movement had always been a big part of Jacob’s life, it was only through a commitment to practice that he was able to cultivate powerful personal change. Jacob’s explorations took him to yoga, dance, martial arts, and to learn from leaders in movement culture including Ido Portal, Tom Weksler (Movement Archery), Jozef Frucek (Fighting Monkey), Rafe Kelley (Evolve Move Play) and Simon Thakur (Ancestral Movement). At this time, he also dove into the power of breathwork, studying with Johannes Egberts (Breathless).

What became apparent across time was that the practice did not only create changes on a purely physical level. The greater his capacity for awareness of and engagement with the body, the better able he was to navigate the psychological and philosophical landscapes of his life. He observed a similar self-development unfold through the experience of his students. Inevitably, a deep curiosity was unearthed to understand the connection between body and mind.

Jacob ventured into the realm of somatics under the tutelage of Chandler Stevens (The Ecosomatics Institute). Ecosomatics, a blend of systems thinking, psychotherapy, somatic education and natural movement, gave Jacob answers to the questions he did not even realise he had been asking, as he began to clearly see the patterns that had unfolded throughout his life. His work evolved with a therapeutic orientation, supporting clients to find freedom from anxiety, depression, unresolved anger, trauma, negative habits, self-limiting patterns and a lack of direction and meaning, as well as chronic pain and physical restrictions.

In the ongoing development of his work, Jacob is deepening his practice of Zen, observing how this wisdom relates to an individual's journey toward wholeness. He is also exploring the powerful potential within psychedelic medicine and bodywork.

In Portugal, where he currently resides, Jacob is the founder of Alchemy Brothers, a men’s work organisation with the intention to create spaces and experiences for men seeking self-understanding and transformation. Jacob’s facilitation provides a safe and supportive environment for men to explore their masculinity, cultivate awareness, authenticity andpurposes, whilst fostering deep connections with other men.

At the heart of Jacob’s work and being is a desire to connect more deeply with both his own nature and the natural world around him. He is dedicated toward living more naturally, inspired by the works of Frank Forencich (The Exuberant Animal) and Tony Riddle (The Natural Lifestylist). As an avid permaculturalist with a passion for environmental regeneration, Jacob emphasises a recognition of the relationship between personal health and ecological health as essential for bringing about collective well-being.

Jacob resides in the mountains of Central Portugal with his partner, Flora and son, Luan. In these beautiful surroundings, Jacob’s focus is upon the development of his practice, broadening and deepening the impact of his work, being fully present as a father and living in the way of nature.

What is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic Coaching is a transformative practice that focuses on the body as the primary means for learning and change. Unlike traditional coaching methods that often emphasise cognitive processes, somatic coaching involves working at the intersection of body and mind.

Jacob’s process prioritises the removal of constraints, those patterns of body and behaviour that may keep you stuck in the same old habits, mindsets and ways of being. Often this tends to be about doing less, rather than doing more. In the absence of constraints, you are then better able to become the kind of person you would like to be within the world. Jacob applies a holistic approach that considers environmental and relational influences, which necessitates reflection and reshaping personal and interpersonal dynamics.

In a session, we will use your body as a compass to access and explore physical sensations and emotional states, which are often key to unlocking patterns of behaviour, thought and feeling. By bringing attention to the way in which we perceive and act within the world, we are poised to bring about changes from the ground up that are more likely to stand the test of time. Expect to talk, sense, move, breathe and practice.

What Somatic Coaching Can Support:

  • Anxiety and Uncertainty
  • Depression and Lack of Energy
  • Burnout and Overwhelm
  • Emotional Dysregulation
  • Stress Mismanagement
  • Relationship Disharmony
  • Bodily Discomfort
  • Movement Restriction

What You Will Discover Through Somatic Coaching:

  • Greater Ability to Tune into your Body's Wisdom
  • Improved Regulation in the Face of Adversity
  • Increased Clarity in Decision-making
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Attuned Communication
  • Grounded Self-Confidence
  • Greater Sense of Vitality
  • Graceful Movement
What My Clients Say

“I now have a much clearer vision of my life and my future self and the steps I have to take inorder to make it happen."

~Benni, Germany

What My Clients Say

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What My Clients Say

“I now have a much clearer vision of my life and my future self and the steps I have to take inorder to make it happen."

~Benni, Germany

What My Clients Say

“It has been a very difficult year for me personally, but having Jacob there to listen, be there for me and guide me with insights and perspectives that I didn't see (or neglected to see...) was one of the factors that pulled me out of some darker times."

~Tom, United Kingdom

What My Clients Say

“I've noticed that I've become more attuned with my emotions, more attentive to my personal needs, and more receptive to the needs of those around me. I've never felt more comfortable and confident with who I am and with the decisions that I make more than I have after committing to working with Jacob.”

~ Miguel, Australia

"By the end of the tenth session, I could hardly believe the transformation that took place over time. Only by looking back to session one can I truly appreciate how far I’ve come. The changes were incremental, and minuscule at times, but that’s how lasting change eventuates."

Laura Thomas

"Eleven months ago, at the age of 22, I had a spinal repair of my L5-S1 vertebrae. This was the last resort to continuing back issues from the age of 10.  I am currently pain free and have not felt this good in a very long time.  If bodywork is desired, then Alex is the person to see."

Michael Locasto

"As a licensed therapeutic bodyworker myself, I choose Alex as my bodywork therapist.  It is the focus, self-authenticity, and centered presence that Alex brings to his work that truly makes him a gifted healer."

Courtney Cowie, LMBT

"He works with both confidence and curiosity, and has a special ability to hold space for his clients free from judgement and expectation. As a result of this work I now inhabit my body in new ways."

Annemarie Kalson

"For the last 15+ years I’ve learned to function outside of my body as a method to suppress emotions and also as a protective means in an effort to deal with chronic pain. Not only has Ellen helped me find the ability to listen to my body, but she helped me find my voice and confidence, both of which I was previously greatly lacking. Ellen was a voice of strength when celebrating my success, and she also provided unwavering support when some of the work brought up “old stuff” that felt scary for a short time. To infer that the work we’ve done together has been transformational would truly be an understatement. Not only has my physical pain reduced, my relationships with my family and partner have flourished due to my ability to regulate myself and effectively communicate needs and hold appropriate boundaries. I am so grateful to Ellen for all she has done, and I look forward to continuing our work together as we continue to work on releasing the chronic stress and tension in my body, helping to calm my nervous system, and ultimately move toward an even more comfortable state of embodiment."

"Working with Ellen one-on-one was an incredible deep dive into self-knowledge through experiencing my body. Where Ellen shines is her talent for creating a space for exploration that is gentle, honest, safe, and empowering all at once. Ellen’s knowledge and expertise are clear, but her approach is one of partnership. And it works! I clearly see the physical and emotional results."

"I've always been someone who'd rather be in the library than at the gym. So when I seriously herniated a disc in my lower back, I was completely unprepared for the recovery process. The injury was very bad, and I had to have surgery for pain relief. The surgery was successful, but for many years my core and leg muscles remained incredibly weak and intractable, and I was living with chronic nerve pain in my legs.

Then, after multiple unsuccessful rounds of physical therapy, I met Ellen, and working with her changed my life. She met me where I was with my body and mind-body connection, which felt like rock bottom. She taught me fundamental somatics exercises for recovering command of my body, and radical knowledge for developing my own daily somatics practices. It's not an exaggeration to say her therapy renewed my relationship with myself. Today I feel more cognizant and comfortable in my body than I've ever felt before in my life. My daily life isn't organized around nerve pain anymore, and I'm able to relax and move again. I actually feel more desire to move and grow than ever before. I can't testify to her work and wisdom enthusiastically enough."

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