Brainspotting™ (BSP) is a revolutionary brain-body treatment for healing from stress, anxiety and depression naturally, as well as expanding performance and creativity. BSP accesses the deepest regions of the brain where “neuroplasticity” can reawaken neural networks to allow hope and positive change. It is extremely effective for healing trauma, releasing mental blocks, and maximizing creative potential.

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Brainspotting Therapy is a therapeutic process that uses specific points in the client’s visual field to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. Brainspotting uses relevant eye positions, somatic awareness, focused mindfulness and the therapist’s attunement to process and release the stored traumas which underlie a wide range of emotional and physical problems. It is a brain-body based treatment which integrates well with other types of therapies.

Often Brainspotting is used in conjunction with bilateral sound - music or nature sounds which move back and forth between right and left ears, which balances activation of the right and left brain hemispheres and activates the parasympathetic, or calming, part of the nervous system.

Brainspotting therapy was developed in 2003 by Dr David Grand, an EMDR therapist and relational analyst. There are now over 12,500 BSP therapists trained over six continents, with about 50 trainers worldwide.

Brainspotting Therapy uses the brain’s and body’s natural ability to self-scan and to self-heal, or move back to a state of equilibrium. When a brainspot is activated, the deep brain appears to reflexively signal the therapist that a neural network holding unprocessed trauma has been found.

Trauma can be processed while connecting to either distressed or calm areas within the body. BSP Therapy can allow the client to move quickly through processing of the trauma in a contained and supported way. Because the processing occurs mostly in the subcortical brain, this may happen with less talking than in traditional talk therapy. It is common for clients to experience both rapid relief of distress and profound insights.


can help with the following:

  • Stress & overwhelm
  • Anxiety, grief, anger & other big emotions
  • Shame & self-esteem
  • Behaviors you have a hard time controlling (over-eating or shopping, binge watching or scrolling, bursts of irritability, lack of focus or procrastination)  
  • Difficulty in relationships (over-extending yourself, frequent arguing, loneliness, feeling misunderstood)
  • Trauma, painful memories & life experiences
  • Creativity (audition anxiety, writer’s block, enhancement of performance or creative process)
  • Fears & phobias
  • Preparation for & recovery from birth or surgery



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