PODCAST - E29 - Discovering Primal Trust ft. Dr. Cathleen King

November 24, 2023
Dr. King enlightened listeners about her company Primal Trust's approach eases into gradual change, primarily through the program's various levels - each enabling individuals to regain their identity, work on relationships, and become self-empowered over time. She also spoke about the crucial role of community in healing from chronic illness and her hopes to impact lives on a global scale.

In this episode, Dr. Cathleen King gives a deep dive into the primal role our nervous system plays in the healing process. She discusses various techniques to consciously self-regulate our biology and return our bodies back to a harmonious state, especially for those struggling with chronic illness and mental health issues.

The Importance of the Vagus Nerve

Cathleen draws attention to the vagus nerve, an essential part of our nervous system. By using various natural factors like voice, breath, sunlight, and temperature, it’s possible to strengthen the vagus nerve, improving overall harmony, and energy. She puts forth vocalizing and making eye contact as simple techniques to enhance the vagus tone and nurture relationships. Moreover, when we regulate our own vagus tone, it also benefits others around us, helping them improve their own tone.

Necessity of Gradual Change

Change should always be introduced slowly, warns Cathleen. A sudden shift can confuse the nervous system, leading to a “rubber band effect” where it resists change even if it's beneficial. Instead, she advocates for gradually introducing safety signals to the brain and nervous system, thereby building trust in the process. 

Using Polyvagal Theory for Self-Care

Cathleen leverages the power of the Polyvagal theory to understand our physiological state better. By becoming aware of our nervous system state, we can utilize appropriate tools for self-care. She emphasizes the role of orienting to the present moment as an initial technique to achieve this. Furthermore, by utilizing her personal story of struggle, Cathleen inspires listeners to embrace a conscious shift in their nervous system regulation.

Addressing Chronic Illness

Touching upon her journey of overcoming 20 years of chronic illness, Cathleen opens up about her recovery process. She initially sought help through various medical treatments. However, relief finally came when she focused on the brain and the nervous system. Her recovery journey involved multiple neuromodulation techniques and strategies from breathwork to the Buteco method to alleviate a panic disorder. This remarkable turnaround underscored the often-underrated impact of stress and detox on the immune system.

Primal Trust, A Holistic Approach to Healing

Cathleen's program, Primal Trust, comes as a comprehensive healing regimen for chronic illnesses. It integrates breathwork, brain retraining, functional neurology, and more to target both the nervous and limbic system. The program, layered in three levels, is designed in a way that ensures utmost patient comfort and avoids overwhelming the nervous system. It ranges from overseeing individual nervous system regulation to community building and ensuring deep-rooted personal growth.

Foster Healing through Community

The healing process, according to Cathleen, is not a solo journey. It involves community support and frequent connection with others. Primal Trust provides that platform of connection through study groups, live classes, journey groups, and mentoring. Fostering a sense of shared experience and community support is, as per Cathleen, vital for anyone navigating the journey of healing chronic illness.

This enlightening podcast episode with Dr. Cathleen King brings to light the primal importance of our nervous system in healing chronic illness and maintaining overall health. Her insights remind us of our body's innate intelligence and its capability to heal itself when equipped with the right tools and understanding.

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