PODCAST - Transforming Lives with TRE® ft. Maria Alfaro

July 14, 2023

PODCAST - Transforming Lives with TRE® ft. Maria Alfaro

In this episode of the Red Beard Embodiment Podcast, host Alex Greene engages in an insightful conversation with Maria Alfaro, a TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises) provider and renowned yoga teacher. The episode delves into Maria's personal journey, her connection with Alex, and her life changing experiences with TRE®. Maria's extensive background as a yoga teacher and co-founder of Neurogenic Yoga lends a unique perspective to her exploration of the body and nervous system. 

Throughout the interview, Maria shares how she found her way to TRE, the transformative power of this practice, and her international endeavors in spreading its healing potential.

How Maria & Alex Met

Alex Greene introduces Maria Alfaro as a dear friend and collaborator in their shared episode of the Red Beard Embodiment Podcast. He recounts their initial meeting in Japan during an advanced conference in 2018. Both Alex and Maria were speakers at the event, and their fast friendship led to subsequent collaborations and co-teaching opportunities before the pandemic. This serves as the backdrop for their conversation, where they aim to explore Maria's personal journey, her encounters with the body and nervous system, and her path to discovering TRE.

Maria's Journey into Embodiment

Maria reflects on her early interest in healing and helping others, which stemmed from her own childhood trauma. After running an international business and feeling burned out, she visited the United States in 1991. During her visit to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Maria embarked on a two-year transformative experience, immersing herself in various healing modalities and self-work. Following this, she decided to make California her home and became a yoga teacher. Maria's passion for healing led her to meet Dr. David Berceli, the founder of TRE®, in 2004, which marked a significant turning point in her life.

Maria's Early Experiences with TRE®

Maria admits that her initial experience with TRE® was relatively mild compared to others in the room, as her body didn't exhibit the same intense tremoring response. However, witnessing the powerful transformations in those around her compelled her to delve deeper into TRE. Recognizing the effectiveness and accessibility of this practice, Maria decided to explore it further. Initially, there was no certification program, so she started teaching after practicing TRE® on her own for three months. Eventually, a certification program emerged, and Maria became one of the first TRE® trainers, further solidifying her commitment to sharing this powerful healing modality.

Working with TRE® Internationally

With her extensive travel experience and connections worldwide, Maria embarked on a journey to introduce TRE to various communities. She organized workshops and trainings in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Indonesia, Jordan, and Palestine. Maria recounts her experiences teaching in these diverse settings, where she witnessed the positive impact of TRE® on individuals, therapists, social workers, and community centers. She expresses her joy in facilitating healing and bringing this transformational practice to people from all walks of life.

The Evolution of TRE®

Reflecting on the evolution of TRE® over the years, Maria highlights a significant shift in focus towards self-regulation. In the early days, TRE® was often cathartic in nature, emphasizing the release of intense emotions and energy. However, as the understanding of trauma and somatic healing progressed, practitioners recognized the importance of self-regulation and titration. The emphasis now lies on providing individuals with tools to regulate their own experience, ensuring safety and gradual progress. Maria appreciates this evolution, recognizing the power of TRE® as a quick and effective method for healing trauma. 

The Importance of Consistency & long-term Benefits of TRE®

In the discussion about the importance of consistency and long-term benefits of TRE®, Maria and Alex emphasize that immediate transformative experiences should not be expected in each session. Maria emphasizes the creation of a safe and relaxed environment for clients, irrespective of the intensity of their experiences during TRE®. 

She clarifies that the amount of shake or tremor experienced does not directly correlate with the level of trauma or stress being released, as it varies based on individual differences and neurophysiological responses. Maria encourages her clients to approach TRE® as a meditation, understanding that consistent practice, even in small increments of time, can lead to profound results over time. Trusting the body's wisdom is also highlighted, as it may prioritize the release of trauma beyond conscious awareness.

Alex reflects on the transformative power of TRE based on his own practice and teaching, noting how it positively impacts physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Participants in workshops and sessions report widespread liberation and relief, with examples of pain relief, improved digestion, increased assertiveness, and reduced reactivity to stress and injustice. Maria affirms Alex's observations and shares her experiences working with diverse individuals, including veterans and trauma survivors. She emphasizes that TRE's effects are universal and go beyond cultural boundaries. Heartwarming stories of solace, relief, and even life-saving support through TRE® are recounted, underscoring the cumulative and transformative nature of the practice.

Personal Transformation and Growth

Throughout her journey with TRE®, Maria Alfaro has undergone personal transformation and growth. She acknowledges that witnessing the profound healing experiences of others has been a deeply rewarding aspect of her work. Moreover, her involvement in TRE® has provided her with a broader perspective on trauma, embodiment, and the potential for healing within each individual. 

Maria's commitment to spreading TRE® globally and her dedication to sharing this practice with diverse communities demonstrate her passion for helping others find healing and wholeness.

The Red Beard Embodiment Podcast episode featuring Maria Alfaro offers an inspiring glimpse into her remarkable journey as a TRE® 

provider. From her initial encounters with TRE to her international endeavors and personal growth, Maria's insights provide valuable knowledge and hope for those seeking healing from trauma. 

Listen to the episode now to find out more!

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