PODCAST -EP 26 Rolfing and Multi-modality ft. Andrew Rosenstock

November 10, 2023
In this episode, yoga therapist Ellen McKenzie shares her journey with discovering TRE, integrating it into her practice, and training others in this powerful healing modality. We explore how tremoring talks to other therapeutic techniques and the benefits of both self-guided and facilitated TRE.

In this episode of the Red Beard Embodiment Podcast, Alex engages in a captivating conversation with Andrew Rosenstock, a Rolfer and biodynamic craniosacral therapist hailing from Boston. With a diverse background in yoga therapy, bodywork, and network engineering, Andrew brings a unique perspective to the table. This episode delves into the intricacies of Rolfing, the essence of embodiment, and the intersection of various bodywork modalities in trauma recovery. 

 The Transformative Power of Rolfing

Andrew delves into his experience working with clients and highlights the transformative nature of Rolfing. He explains that it often serves as a last resort for individuals who have not found relief through other methods like chiropractic or physiotherapy. Andrew's excitement comes from witnessing clients feel great and experience a renewed sense of being in their bodies after Rolfing sessions.

The Importance of Tracking and Embodied Presence

Andrew underscores the significance of tracking in Rolfing, which involves perceiving and understanding an individual's innate patterns of movement. This awareness helps put the wheels "back on track" and contributes to a more balanced, embodied existence. Both Andrew and Alex emphasize the artistic and subjective aspects of their work, likening it to molding pottery and shaping one's self-image.

Exploring Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Andrew delves into the distinction between biodynamic craniosacral therapy and biomechanics, emphasizing the former's focus on fluid flows and tidal movements within the body. His personal journey involved initially studying and understanding these concepts intellectually, but it was only when he experienced them firsthand that their profound impact became evident. Comparing it to a fascinating video about slime mold, Andrew sheds light on the tidal movements that underpin our bodily processes.

Embracing Openness and Subjectivity

Andrew and Alex navigate through the multiple modalities present within the field of Rolfing, underlining the importance of inclusivity and expansiveness. They embrace differing perspectives, acknowledging that meaning is subjective and influenced by various power structures and beliefs. By promoting embodiment and present-moment awareness, they encourage their clients to move beyond limited viewpoints and tap into their innate wisdom.

Nurturing Safety and Providing Space

Andrew highlights the significance of creating a safe and comfortable space for clients, where they can explore and release traumatic experiences. He incorporates guided imagery and somatic movement to facilitate relaxation and help clients fully relax on the table. Andrew's work is grounded in holding space for individuals, providing a sense of safety amidst the healing journey.

The Red Beard Embodiment Podcast's episode featuring Andrew Rosenstock offers a wealth of thought-provoking insights into the world of Rolfing, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and the transformative power of embodiment. Through their engaging and honest conversation, Alex and Andrew encourage listeners to embrace openness, explore various modalities, and tune into the wisdom of their bodies. This episode serves as an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, ultimately leading to a more enriched and embodied existence.

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