PODCAST E22 - TRE, Feldenkrais, & Regulation Support in Child Education ft. Hans Solhjell

October 13, 2023
In this episode of the Red Beard Embodiment Podcast, host Alex Greene sits down with Hans Holter Solhjell, a Global Trainer and Certification Trainer in TRE Tension and Trauma Release. They discuss the importance of nervous system regulation in conflict resolution and communication, particularly with children. Hans, who is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a Feldenkrais Practitioner, shares his expertise in educational science and working with children and families in schools and kindergartens.

Host Alex Green interviews Hans Halter Søiel, a global trainer in TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) and somatic experiencing based in Norway. Their wide-ranging conversation touches on personal journeys into body-oriented work, integrating practices like TRE and Feldenkrais method, and applying principles of nervous system regulation to communication and conflict resolution with children and families.

Influences Leading to Professional Work

Hans shares how he became interested in psychology and relationships from an early age, but also struggled with emotional and social challenges growing up. In his early 20s, he began exploring methods like meditation, Aikido, Feldenkrais, and NLP to understand and improve his self-regulation. A pivotal experience was reading “Juggling the Self” by Busan and Gelp, which used the analogy of an amoeba contracting when poked but returning to free pulsation when left alone. This spoke powerfully to Hans about releasing held trauma and tension to restore vitality.

Body-Oriented Methods and Exploration

Over many years, Hans trained in methods like NLP, Feldenkrais, somatic experiencing, and TRE. He found great value in techniques for self-regulation, but they did not fully address the intense internal pressure and emotions he was holding. Profound release came through cathartic work like Primal Scream. This opened the door to deeper access through bottom-up autoregulation approaches.

Integrating Movement for Release

Hans and Alex discuss integrating practices like Feldenkrais with TRE. Hans finds this enhances awareness and access to more areas for release. The increased integration afterwards also allows for more release. Subtle movements during TRE, like exploring the jaw or head, can deepen the experience. Feldenkrais work on skeletal alignment and connectedness also helps with grounding and embodiment.

Feldenkrais and Tremor Experiences

Alex shares how he prepares clients with detailed Feldenkrais explorations before tremoring to enhance relaxation and awareness. He recognizes the value of also integrating Feldenkrais on the back end after tremoring to help transition back to functional movement. Hans agrees this integration helps stabilize and structure experiences.

Regulation Support in Schools and Kindergartens

Hans explains his work applying nervous system regulation principles to communication and conflict resolution with children and families. Key concepts are self-regulation, co-regulation, and regulation support. His PLS framework has five phases for regulation supportive conflict resolution, focusing on the adult's role in preparing, leading, de-escalating, repairing, and reflecting. This approach is creating positive change in Norwegian schools.


This conversation explores the deep intersection between embodiment practices, nervous system regulation, and trauma healing. Whether looking at our own journeys or creating change in complex systems like families and schools, the principles of safety, connection and restoring free pulsation can guide the way. Integrating methods and continually learning allows us to find new sources of meaning and empowerment.

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