PODCAST -EP 24 - TRE and Ceramics at NIROX - An Artist in Residence ft. terrice bassler

October 26, 2023
In this episode, Alex Greene interviews terrice bassler about her recent artist residency at NIROX, an arts organization in South Africa. terrice shares how she brought together ceramics and TRE (tension & trauma releasing exercises) during her month-long stay.

PODCAST - TRE and Ceramics at NIROX - An Artist in Residence ft. terrice bassler

terrice bassler is a mentor, coach, and TRE facilitator based on Vancouver Island, Canada. During an impactful month-long residency in 2021 at the NIROX arts organization in South Africa, terrice blended together seamlessly her passion for community art, trauma healing, and social justice. She led workshops, introduced TRE to new communities, and navigated the challenges of working internationally. This enriching residency has not only left an indelible imprint on terrice but also ignited a continuous wave of enthusiasm for art and wellness at NIROX.

Finding TRE

terrice first encountered TRE, or tension and trauma releasing exercises, at her local yoga studio. The practice resonated with her, and she decided to become certified to share it with others. She now facilitates TRE in her community and online.

Community Art Workshops

terrice facilitated "First Vessels" workshops where participants handbuilt clay pots from basic materials. Most had never worked with clay before. These community circles invited connection through a shared creative process.

Introducing TRE

terrice shared TRE with NIROX staff and visitors through group "shakes" and a weekend retreat. By using language like "shaking meditation," she introduced TRE in a culturally appropriate way. An improvised music session during the retreat was a highlight.  

Navigating Residency Challenges

terrice had to be flexible in navigating her residency, as things didn't always go as planned. She learned to design experiences that worked within the local context rather than relying on standard approaches.  

Music and TRE

One especially memorable TRE session incorporated live music. terrice worked with a musician on site to create an improvised soundtrack to accompany the group’s tremoring. She described it as “something quite magical.”

Ongoing Impact

terrice's residency has sparked momentum for more art and TRE activities at NIROX. There are plans for visiting artists, clay workshops, and TRE retreats to continue. terrice feels her residency has a "long tail" of impact.

In conclusion, terrice's residency shows how art, trauma healing, and social change can intersect. By sharing her passions in a culturally sensitive way, she built connections and left a lasting impact. Readers can learn more about terrice's work and NIROX to explore these connections themselves.

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