PODCAST -EP 25 - Integrating TRE in Therapeutic Practice ft. Ellen McKenzie

November 2, 2023
In this episode, yoga therapist Ellen McKenzie shares her journey with discovering TRE, integrating it into her practice, and training others in this powerful healing modality. We explore how tremoring talks to other therapeutic techniques and the benefits of both self-guided and facilitated TRE.

PODCAST -  Integrating TRE in Therapeutic Practice ft. Ellen McKenzie

Tremoring, also known as Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), is a powerful tool for regulating the nervous system and releasing deep muscular tension. Our guest today is Ellen McKenzie, a skilled yoga therapist and TRE provider who has integrated tremoring into her holistic practice. Join us as we explore Ellen's journey with TRE, how she weaves it into her work, and the value of both self-guided and facilitated tremoring.

Ellen's Introduction to TRE

Ellen was introduced to TRE by her friend Alex Greene while exploring new therapeutic techniques. She was skeptical at first but had an "aha moment" when a client arrived in distress and spontaneously started tremoring. Ellen guided her through it, helping the client find relief. This experience showed Ellen the power of TRE.

TRE's Role in Regulating the Nervous System

TRE helps bring the nervous system into balance. Ellen explains how tremoring helps people move out of fight, flight or freeze responses and into a state where they can truly rest, digest and heal. She frames TRE as foundational for most of her clients.

Integrating TRE with Other Modalities

Ellen creatively blends TRE with other modalities like yoga, somatics and bodywork. She shares how tremoring "talks" to these other techniques, informing the work and enhancing results. Her regular workshops explore these hybrid sessions.

The Benefits of Self-Guided and Facilitated TRE

Once clients are comfortable tremoring, Ellen encourages them to practice independently as self-care. She explains how being seen and guided can take the work even deeper. TRE may ebb and flow as just one part of an ongoing therapeutic process.

Holding Space and Normalizing in TRE Training

As a TRE trainer, Ellen strives to create an environment where students feel safe bringing challenges or sensitivities with tremoring to the group. This vulnerability allows them to truly understand how to hold space for a wide range of clients' experiences.

TRE has incredible power to unlock deep muscular patterns, discharge trauma, and return us to a state of regulation. Ellen McKenzie deftly wields this tool to help her clients come home to their bodies. Her expansive, creative approach allows TRE to enhance a variety of holistic modalities.     

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